Excavation & Foundations


Start Your Project Right!

We offer exceptional excavation and trenching services to get your project off the ground. From lot clearing and cleaning to ditches, drains, and driveways, we’ve got all your needs covered.

What We Do

At Lawrence Construction Services, we do all the excavation work and foundations in-house. We can clear your lot, cut in the driveway, and install the foundation for your future home.

What to Expect

  • First, we get the driveway in
  • Then, we get the services in (power, water sewer, septic, etc.)
  • We then dig and do the foundation
  • Lastly, we bring your project to life


When we dig utilities, the first step is to schedule a site check and mark for locating. Within three days after the call for finding, all utilities in the area will be located, and it will be safe to dig. We usually try to get to your project within the following Tuesday or Wednesday after we call to locate. Doing this will give time for everybody involved to schedule and plan for your project.


Our trenching services start at $150.00 per hour. This cost includes 5,800# Mini X and operator. If the trench work needs laying and bedding pipe, a laborer will be added at $60.00 per hour plus materials.

Clearing & Cleaning

We can clean out your newly purchased property or investment property. Most projects can be cleaned up in a day. We usually can clear and fill one dumpster per day.


Our land clearing services start at $200.00 per day plus $180.00 per hour. Dumpster fees are to be paid by the homeowner. The cost includes 5,800# Mini X and operator and laborer. 30-yard dumpsters range from $500.00 (full of debris) for basic household and yard waste to $900.00 (full of debris) or more for heavy loads of debris, metal, and concrete.

Give Us A Call

We offer a wide range of services. Need a water or sewer line replaced? Want to remove that old patio? Get in touch with us!

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